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Essential Oils


wir lieben dueftemeans recreation and relaxation. Nowadays, there is a greater emphasis on aromatherapy. You can apply essential oils in various ways, yet you should always pay attention to the oil's quality, it should be 100% natural.

The more frequent form of application of essential oils is the use as air freshener (oil burner, stones, diffuser). Yet, essential oils are also used for inhalation, massages, compresses, lotions, and baths.

There are various fragrances in Aromatherapy:

  • Citrus fragrances: have an invigorating, restoring, harmonizing effect, and also enhance the concentration (grapefruit etc.)
  • Flower fragrances: have harmonizing, calming, restoring, and relaxing effects. Flower fragrances are suited very well for skin care. (Rose, Jasmin)
  • Herbal fragrances: have disinfecting effects, well suited for rubbing, inhalation, and to improve the air for better respiration (salvia/sage, peppermint, etc.)
  • Aromatic fragrances: have strengthening, invigorating effects, cleanse the air, and reduce annoying odors. (Pine, Fir, Spruce, etc.)

A remedy set with essential oils::

  • aetherische oeleLavender: calming before sleeping, soothing with sun burns and wounds
  • Tea Tree: for desinfection of bacteria, viruses and fungi, for cold, and acne
  • Peppermint: headaches, migraine, refreshing, and invigorating
  • Bergamotte: refreshing in depressive states and irritation
  • Neroli: Rescue from aromatherapy in shock and agitation

We would be happy to give you an individual consultation to prepare the suitable mixture for you.


Recreation and relaxation With natural essential oils
  • Introduction and definition of essential oils
  • Special features of the olfactory senses
  • Harvest, cultivation - important criteria for the sale
  • Learning how to discern the quality, storage, durability
  • taoasis kleinCategory systems of essential oils, focusing on the consultation
  • Explanation of the main indications for essential oils at the pharmacy, with examples for application
  • Presentation of important essential oils and basic oils
  • Tips for Cross Selling
  • Tips for application and dosages for the pharmacy
  • Consultation for aromatherapy - how to go about
  • Questions and answers for daily consultations

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are easily volatile substances with a rather strong aroma. "Essential" means: heavenly, tender, spiritual. For millennia, man has been enchanted by fragrances. They can calm, relax, stimulate, or activate. Essential oils are used for baths, sauna, massages, inhalations, compresses, and more. Scientists have discovered more than 800 single active agents in essential oils, that protect the plants from various attacks and dangers, and thus contribute to maintain the plant in its habitat.

And if there is melancholy in the air,
Already your favorite fragrance calms you,
And gets you quickly up and running

Because that's the message of pure fragrances,
To float throughout the air,
And to awaken a cheerful state.