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Spagyrics, what's that?

spagyrik heidak flascheSpagyrics is a very old healing method that was already known in the Middle Ages to Paracelsus, the great doctor and mentor.
Spagyric essences belong to the most effective and compatible remedies. They are produced from healing plants through a special process and are non toxic, do no harm, and contain very little alcohol. They can be applied in acute as well as chronic diseases.

The name "spagyrics" derives from the Greek words "spao" (= separate) and "ageiro" (= bring together).

How are spagyric essences produced?

In 1870, the physician Carl-Friedrich Zimpel developed the spagyric preparation process, based on Paracelsus' and Glauber's foundation, that is still valid today. This preparation method aims at the highest possible activation of all medical healing powers; thus, the herbs with their effective healing substances, are turned into a solubilised spagyric essence, liberated from ballast, that can hardly be compared to the homeopathic mother tincture.

The base for spagyric essences are dried or fresh healing plants from biologic cultivation. After a precise quality examination, the healing plants are cut, fermented for about 3 weeks, and then distilled. The soluble and volatile active agents are obtained, using steam distillation.
The remaining mash is burnt to ashes and then calcinated at 400°C to maintain the plants' highly potent mineral substances. Subsequently, the ashes are being dissolved in the distillate, which is referred to as "spagyric matrimony". Selected essences are then potentiated and thus dynamized. We will combine your personal mixture from the spagyric essences hereby obtained

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    How to apply spagyric essences?

    Spagyric essences are taken with the practical mouth spray. For chronic diseases we recommend 3x3 spray pumps a day. A bottle of 50 ml is sufficient for about 50 days. In acute cases, you can also take one spray pump each hour, for a brief period of time (2-3 days). All essences are also suitable for external application. A light massage with the essence on the corresponding acupressure point has a good effect.

    Who can apply spagyric essences?

    Since spagyrics cause no side effects, they can be applied by all age groups. Our spagyric essences also show very good results through application on animals. Please inquire for the informative folder "spagyrics for animals".

    spagyrik Beratung

    Who will prepare the individual mixtures for me and can provide me with a comprehensive consultation?

    We are happy to take time for you to prepare the adequate mixture of spagyric substances for you.

    We have coordinated the consultations by our specialized staff in such a way that you can benefit from this service any time, even without prior notification.
    We prepare your personal mixture the fastest possible way, so you can apply it as soon as possible.

    On what symptoms can you apply spagyrics?

    A precise answer to this question would definitely go beyond the scope of this manual! Presume, that you can find essences for any kind of discomforts and diseases, that help to soothe the symptoms.

    For example…

    In autumn, an important topic is to get stronger, not to fall prey to every cough or cold that's going around, and not to catch a cold that easily - it's important to reinforce the immune system! Being more susceptible to infections is usually due to stress and psychological burdens. Therefore, it's important to strengthen the body as a whole!

    Strengthening your resistance is possible using the following essences:

    • sonnenhutEchinacea

      Echinacea has a positive effect on the whole immune system. It reinforces the immune condition, and provides good resistance against pathogenic agents of any kind. In a situation with current infections, the essence helps to overcome the disease faster.

    • Eleutherococcus (Eleutherococcus radix)

      Eleutherococcus is an essence that strengthens the body and psyche, makes them resistant, and helps to fight infections. This stabilizing effect is seen especially in physical and psychological stress situations. Eleutherococcus helps to better cope with that kind of strains.
    • propolis


      Propolis Is considered one of the best anti-inflammatory and infection inhibiting essences in spagyrics. Thus, it's range of application is very large. Propolis possesses natural "antibiotic" qualities and actively fights bacteria, viruses, and fungi in a multitude of mainly acute diseases in the body. In addition, propolis supports the tissue regeneration and wound healing.

    • kapuzinerkresse


      Due to its high concentration of sulphureous oils, Tropaeolum possesses a natural "antibiotic" effect that makes the essence a valuable remedy for a multitude of infectious diseases. Especially infections of the respiratory tract, the kidneys, and the bladder react well. Tropaeolum prevents the bacteria and viruses from spreading any further, and helps the immune system to fight infections.

    When do you need medical assistance from a physician?

    Every recurring infection should be checked by a physician; when high fever (39°) continues for more than 3 days.


    From autumn until spring, three spray pumps a day. At the onset of symptoms, one spray pump every half hour.


    In spite of the great effectiveness of spagyric essences and the comprehensive consultation that you receive in our pharmacy, we would like to emphasize that the application and information about spagyrics doesn't replace any medical treatment or consultation by a doctor!