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Classic Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy?

homooepathie 01Homeopathy is a medical healing method using single remedies that have been potentiated, and that are applied according to the principle of similarity. The knowledge of the remedies originates from examinations of medicinal substances on healthy people and from observations.

200 years ago, homeopathy was developed by the physician Samuel Hahnemann. From a self experiment, he developed the principle of similarity (similia similibus currentur), indicating that the substance can cure those discomforts in a sick patient, which it has provoked in a healthy person.

Homeopathy is a regulation therapy. It helps you selectively with a health disturbance or to heal yourself from a disease.

Where do homeopathic remedies come from?

The remedies mainly derive from the plant, mineral, and animal kingdom. They are ground in levels (minerals) or diluted. Between the separate steps of dilution, they are vigorously shaken. This procedure is called potentisation or dynamisation.

Dilutions can be prepared in D-potencies 1:10 or in C-potencies (1:100).

Who can apply homeopathy?

Homeopathic remedies are suitable for everybody and have no side effects. In rare cases, there can be reactions of an initial worsening of the symptoms.

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How do I take the homeopathic remedy?

The application is possible in globules (little sugar balls), which is especially simple for children and is possible even with small infants. There are also tinctures (alcoholic preparations) and tablets (mostly with lactose), but there are also external applications in form of ointments or suppositories.

Per application, an adult can take 5 globules, or 5 drops of the tincture, or one tablet.

Depending on their age, children take a bit less. It is best to let the remedy dissolve in the mouth; 10 minutes prior and after you should not eat or drink anything. Especially no coffee, and it's best not to apply any strong essential oils.

Acute symptoms can be treated well even with low potencies; chronic symptoms should always be addressed by a homeopath who has good knowledge of the remedies.

Can I combine homeopathy?

It's possible to take homeopathic medicine with other remedies and it is sometimes unavoidable. If you want to combine several alternative remedies, please ask your homeopath. They often prefer a monotherapy to better associate the symptoms.

We would be glad to assist you in finding the right remedy for your acute symptoms; if the specific potency is not available in store, we normally can obtain it for you in a very short time.

We also offer special cases to store and carry your homeopathic remedies and other useful travel kits.