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Schüssler Salts

schuessler salze 03What are Schüssler Salts?

Schüssler Salts are minerals that are found in every human cell. Through a specific procedure they are potentiated, which means that they are ground and diluted in various levels (1:10), which establishes a fine dispertion in each tablet.

This way the minerals can work as a functional agent in the cells; they are absorbed directly through the mouth’s mucosa and thus get into the cells very fast.

When can I take Schüssler Salts?

Schüssler salts can be taken for almost any discomfort. They are suitable to prevent lack of minerals as well as for treatments, be it injuries, colds, or as support in joint pain; wherever there is a lack of minerals, they can be applied.

How to take Schüssler Salts?

Schüssler Salts are best dissolved in the mouth, or diluted in water, and then taken, sipping small amounts. In acute cases, you can take 1 tablet every few minutes, in chronic cases, you take 1 tablet every hour. An overdose is not possible; through potentiation, only small amounts of substances are applied, and when it’s enough, the body reacts with refusal.

Application is possible (in dissolved form) even for small infants a few months old. In adults, the application in liquid form is preferred only for people with lactose intolerance. For people with diabetes it is good to know that 48 tablets are equal to 1 carbohydrate unit.

schuessler salze 04

Can I combine the minerals with another therapy?

Since the minerals supply the body with missing substances, they can be given in addition to any other therapy, and may even improve them. Nevertheless, it is useful to inform your physician or therapist about it.

How did this method come about?

This healing method was first explained by Dr. Schüssler in 1874. Being a homeopath, he wanted to develop a method that was simpler, yet very effective.

Initially, his method contained 12 mineral substances that we know today as base agents. He only used minerals that he could trace inside the cells. Over the course of time, he added 15 more expansion substances which were detected through precise analytic methods.

Still, today there are more innovations to this therapy method.

Where can I find more information regarding the Schüssler Salts?

At the Mariahilf-Apotheke we offer a facial analysis according to Hickethier, done by 2 specially trained female consultants for mineral substances. We are always available for any questions regarding the Schüssler method; please get the free folder which contains the exact description of all the specific numbers.

We would also be happy to prepare an individual mixture of Schüssler Salben (ointments) for you.