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Travel pharmacy kit

ReiseapothekeWith an adequately composed travel pharmacy kit for your vacation, your holiday will be very relaxing for you and your family! That's why you must not forget ...

-> Don't forget sunscreen and your own current remedies!

Download:  pdftravel_pharmacy_kit_with_alternative_solution.pdf

Travel sickness:

Travelgum, Zintona, Neo Emedyl
or homeop. and spagyrics: Cocculus, spagyric travel drops

Pain, fever:

Aspirin, Ibumetin, Ratiodolor

Stomach problems:

Iberogast, Montana Haustropfen
or homeop. and spagyrics: Nux vomica, spag. stomach-intestine-digestion


Tannalbin, Carbo med., Loperamid


Guttalax, Dulcolax Dragees

Eye drops:

Visadron, Oculoheel, Similasan

Mouth and throat infections:

Lemocin, Tantum Verde lozenges
or spagyrics: spag. ear-nose-throat

Dry cough:

Tussimont, Broncho Stop
or homeop. and spagyrics: Drosera, spag. dry irritating cough

Sun burn:

Bepanthen foam spray
or homeop. and spagyrics: Cantharis, spag. Sun burn ointment

Insect bites:

Fenistil, Insecticum
or homeop. and spagyrics: Apis, spag. Insect bite acute


Bepanthen spray, Octenisept

Wound ointment:

Bepanthen, Betaisodona, Vitawund
or spagyrics and Bach flowers: spag. First aid ointment, Rescue Creme

Bandage material:

Gauze, elastic bandages, band aid, adhesive plaster, blister band aid

Swelling, strains:

Ibutop, Etrat, Dolorex Spray
or homeopathy: Arnica

Sore muscles:


We wish you a relaxing and unforgettable holiday.
Yours Mariahilf-Apotheke